About E-Corps

Students on Campus

The UConn Environment Corps, or E-Corps, was created to provide assistance to the communities of Connecticut by harnessing the power of trained undergraduate students. Each E-Corps course is a two-semester experience: a hands-on, interactive classroom semester followed by a “practicum” semester where student teams undertake environmental projects in the community. There are three classes offered focusing on brownfields redevelopment, climate resilience, and stormwater management. All classes have a focus on the local (municipal) perspective. See below for detailed information on each class, and check out the top navigation for project-wide info.

Brownfields Corps
Brownfield Corps Students

The Brownfields Corps focuses on the challenges and opportunities involved with remediation and redevelopment of contaminated sites. Instruction is by faculty from the Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering.

Climate Corps
Climate Corps Students

The Climate Corps focuses on the local impacts of climate change and what resilience strategies can be implemented. Instruction is by faculty from the Dept. of Extension.

Stormwater Corps
Stormwater Corps Students

The Stormwater Corps focuses on flooding and pollution caused by stormwater runoff, and the use of Low Impact Development (LID) practices to reduce these impacts. Instruction is by faculty from the Dept. of Extension.