A Micro-History

A small group of faculty come up with the idea of the Climate Corps as a way to connect undergraduate education with   the “capacity gap” experienced by Connecticut communities as they sought to respond to complex environmental issues.

Climate Corps debuts in Fall semester, fueled by a grant from the UConn Provost’s office.

Brownfields Corps  debuts Fall semester, as part of the new Connecticut Brownfields Initiative.

An expanded team receives a 5-year award from NSF to expand and consolidate the E-Corps (see below).

Stormwater Corps launched in Spring 2020.

Students reading a map

NSF Project

The project team was fortunate to be chosen for a grant from the National Science Foundation “Improving Undergraduate STEM Education” program, for 5 years starting in Fall of 2019. The project has three parallel tracks:

  • Instruction focuses on the continued development and coordination of the classes.
  • Research focuses on understanding the impact to faculty, students, communities, and the university.
  • Integration focuses on fostering changes at UConn that will better enable efforts like the E-Corps.

Our goals are to:

  • create a more meaningful and relevant service learning experience for undergraduates in STEM fields.
  • provide meaningful STEM-related assistance for communities that helps to bridge the gap between municipal responsibilities and capacity.
  • encourage and empower faculty to develop innovative and interdisciplinary service learning courses through changes to the faculty training, support, incentive and reward systems.